• Find your poker leaks with our poker analysis software in minutes
  • Average of 10-25 significant leaks found
  • Scoring algorithm that weighs the significance of your poker statistics
  • Discover your leaks by every position at the table
  • Correct your leaks by watching tutorial videos and read modules
  • Over 50 Advanced filters included (50+ videos on leaks)
  • Works with your Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database
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Leak Buster vs. Leak Tracker

Full disclosure here, but if you haven't noticed you're on a Leak Buster site. That being said, we'll be able to explain to you clearly what the differenced are between these two pieces of database analysis software. Leak Buster is an ad-on item in holdem manager 1 and 2. It's also a stand alone application that can work with Poker Tracker 3 and 4. Leak Buster retails for $59.99+, and Leak Tracker is a free add-in item for Poker Tracker 4.

Poker Tracker created a watered down version of the popular add-on products that are available in Holdem Manager (not just Leak Buster) as an attempt to compete with Holdem Manager 2's rising sales. The strategy didn't end up working, and they eventually merged with Holdem Manager in Q3 of 2014. Poker Tracker representatives have said directly to our team, we never intended on making a Leak Buster. We just wanted to add some value, and there's no way we can compete with the quality of strategy content in Leak Buster. So there was never an intention on their part to do so.

Leak Tracker copied 2 of the 10 steps in Leak Buster, and adapted it into a much simpler format. Leak Tracker will look at your current stats, and compare them against what they consider normal winningcontinuation bet oop ranges. They look at a specific set of stats and then also do this by position. Leak Buster does this same thing, but it also allows you to see how winrates change when you go lower or above the recommended Leak Buster stat ranges like you see in the example to your right.

Leak Buster is much more than stat ranges though. With one click you'll be able to see tons of specific leaks related to bet sizing, post flop play, and pre-flop decision making. This is where Leak Tracker and Leak Buster separate completely, as Leak Tracker has no post flop analysis.

There's really no much comparison, but Leak Tracker will provide you with some basic information about some of your stats, but if you're looking for what leaks are most important to work on first, how to correct your leaks, and any kind of post flop analysis, you'll want to get Leak Buster. Below is a table comparison of some of the key differences.

Leak Buster Leak Tracker (in PT4)
Ideal Stat Range Analysis icon icon
Stat Analysis by Position icon icon
Video Lessons on Stat Correction icon icon
Winrate Impact on Stat Ranges icon icon
Hierarchically Rank Leaks icon icon
Trouble Hand Analysis icon icon
3/4-bet Hand Analysis icon icon
Post Flop Leak Analysis icon icon
50+ Quick Filters icon icon
Opponent Leak Analysis icon icon
Video and Article Library icon icon
Locates Hands Related to Leaks icon icon

Find your poker leaks with our poker analysis software in minutes

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  • NL Holdem works with 25NL and below and Pot Limit Omaha editions work for 50NL and below only. Limit edition works for $0.5/ $1 and below only.
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